Fya love and appreciation
to the great artists and
designers who keep on
bestowing dignity and
distinction on my website
with their coveted and
prestigeous awards.
Congratulations! I could see that you have used a lot of time and effort into the site you've created.It's interesting and I like your poetry also.
It is my pleasure to give you my Great Site Award and also Award for Poetic Excellence. I will put your site on my Winner's List.
Kindest regards, "God bless" "Semper Fidelis"

Hello Jah Rootsman,
Very Interesting website you have, I Enjoyed my visit, great stuff.
Keep up the good work.
Respectfully Howard
Hello! I am pleased to award your Website with my diamondaward for overall design excellence. It was a delight to view your site and review the excellent content and images. regards from Werners Cyberhome/Austria
Hello johnny-Jah Rootsman, I made the award for your beautiful website......Of course i visit your website this morning (here in Holland its morning at the moment) ....and I will say : Respect for what you have done on youre website. Wish you much greetings from Holland / The Netherlands
from Zjammie
This award is mainly
for your anti racist parts
Hello Jah Rootsman, after we have visited your site several times and tested, we have come to the conclusion you the Blue Jean Gold Award to confer. Congratulations!
Hello Rootsman,
Congratulations on a really great website! I am more than pleased to offer you the Antique Collector Award. My very best regards and your continued online success,
You have done a lot of work on your site and this is shining through. You have done a great job creating this and keep up the good job.  Love N Hugs, Cathy aka Misspeds Manor
hello Rootsman, peace augury I replace to you l' award demanded
Hallo. Ich habe Deine Homepage besucht und bin zu dem Entschluss gekommen, Dir meinen *Homepage-Award in Gold*
zu verleihen. Bewertungskriterien
Durchschnittliche Ladezeiten - Inhalt /
Informationswert - Allgemeine Gestaltung
und Darstellung - Navigierbarkeit /
Bedienung -Browser-Kombatibilitaet ** -
Bildschirmkompatibilität - Impressum
vorhanden und korrekt -Farbkontrast
Schrift/Hintergrund - Alles sehr schön und
Liebe Grüße
just came from checking
your site and enjoyed my
visit very much and I am
happy to give you my award.
I am sending you my award
as it is well deserved and
shows a lot of hard work.
Evaluator's comments:
I was impressed with your site as far
as originality and your own personal
touch. It was very informative on the
subject and I came away knowing more
than I did before. It had eye-catching
colors and easy to read text as well
as good navigation. I feel your site
is a positive influence to the internet
Dear Johnny, Having visited your web site and enjoyed it very much and such
a lot of hard work you have put into it. I would like to present you with both of
my Awards for you deserve them. Also you are now in my Award Winners page.
Take care
Len KInley
Hello Rootsman,
Your website Jah Rootsman won the Brazil Awards Bronze Award for present a nice design, an interesting content and a easy navigation, receive our congratulations!

A brief description of your site: - Fast-loading pages
- No construction - Clear navigation - Very attractive design - With love for the detail design
Congratulations you have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for creativity, overall design and appearance, service you provide, purpose for your site, and ease of navigation. Keep up the good work. You have obviously worked very hard investing your time, and skills into making a great web site. Wishing you continued success,
Art Space 2000.com Awards Department
Hello Jah Rootsman
my awards for you beautiful Website
Greetings Herman
Hello Rootsman, I am sending you the Award you would like to have
Smiles to your way
Dear Johnny
You have been awarded Bronze!
(8 / 16) Congratulations!  ...Your site
is of good quality in most areas but
lacks a polished feel overall and
congratulations once again Johnny.
Warmest Regards
Nodus Awards
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Hello Jah, we have look on your nice Page, and we will givce you the Bronce Award !!